Rash on Your Feet?


Small, red, itchy, and sometimes painful bumps that cover an area of the skin on your feet can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. How and why did it develop and what can you do about it?

The first step in figuring out what is happening is to have our podiatrist take a look, especially if it won’t go away or gets worse. You should also try to think about anything you may have changed or tried for the first time. Have you come in contact with some poison ivy? Did you buy new leather shoes and sweat in them? Maybe you walked around barefoot in a locker room floor because you forgot your flip-flops?

There are several possible causes of rashes on your feet, including:

  • Allergic reaction such as poison ivy or to shoe materials (chromate in leather) – Perhaps you only recently came into contact with these specific things for the first time in your life, or you have become allergic. In either case, these can cause itchy rashes, and even hives. Antihistamines are the best treatment – oral or topical, but if allergic reaction is severe, you may need emergency medical treatment.
  • Sunburn/Skin Cancer – Many folks do not remember to apply sunscreen on the feet after applying it all over the body. This open exposure can lead to an itchy sunburn, but if the rash doesn’t go away after a few days of sun exposure, it could indicate something worse. Make an appointment right away.
  • Fungal Infection (Athlete’s Foot) – A fungal infection can be spread from person to person, and even re-infect the same person if proper cleaning is not administered to shoes, towels, or floors that are constantly damp (like in communal showers and locker rooms).

Perhaps your rashes didn’t develop all of a sudden, or for the first time. This time, however, maybe you noticed it more because it was worse than before, or maybe you just can’t take the discomfort and need better treatment options. This could be a chronic issue that affects your whole foot or all over your body.

  • Chronic medical conditions such as Eczema or Psoriasis can cause symptoms of rashes, sometimes as scaly skin or plaques. If they are localized to your feet, our podiatrist can prescribe some topical steroids, but you may also need to see a dermatologist for more systemic skin issues.

If you are worried about a skin rash on your feet or ankles, consult with our podiatrist, Dr. Jonathan M. Kletz, at Texas Foot Works. He will assess your feet and ankles to properly diagnose what’s going on. Make an appointment today at any of our offices in  Abrams (Dallas), Athens, and Gun Barrell City, TX!